StoneArt Masterpieces Stone Mosaic Floor Medallions

Stone Mosaic Floors

Enhance your floor and the value of your home with a beautiful marble mosaic medallion.

These medallions are handmade, not water-jet created, by the Italian artist: Ed DiCamargo.

With each piece being created by hand, the artist selects each piece of natural stone accordingly to it´s color variation and intricacy of nature´s designs. Each piece is hand selected and after it is put together, they transform the mosaic work in a true work of art, which is not achieved by the water-jet process that uses a computer driven machine to random cut the pieces, without the careful eyes and selection process of an artist.


If you have any question about my mosaic work, please do not hesitate to ask. One final note about my creative process: The mosaic work is very functional. You may use it as a floor medallion, kitchen or dining room table, but only indoors. The work should never be exposed to the freezing weather. In Florida it is perfectly fine to place the mosaic work in a protected lanai.

If my work moves you, if you are a true art lover, then art is the main priority and what if the mosaic does not match the colors on your walls, sofa, rug, etc... it should not even be a consideration. Art goes much deeper than decoration. Art withstands any ambience on its own. Art is an investment in value. Art should move you in some emotional, intellectual or spiritual level. Art is about expression. Art is about the mysterious relationship between the artist, the artwork and the buyer.

If you feel this personal connection then you have found your true and perfect match. Your dream has come true.

I welcome commission work.

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