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Care Instructions

Stone is a natural material, which time has made strong and man has made beautiful. But as rich-looking as stones can be, it does need some special care. If it is given the proper care, the stone will sustain its beauty and durability virtually forever.

Most commonly, unless regular cleaning is done, due to the porous nature of certain stones which will vary depending on the hardness, liquid spills tend to soak into the stone, leaving a possible permanent stain.

For everyday care of spills, wipe up the spill immediately and wash your stone with a mild detergent. It is also a good idea to keep the surface waxed with a quality clear liquid marble wax to act as a barrier against spills.

Stone Art recommends that you use the Bellinzone clear liquid marble wax on your stone mosaic table or floor. It is manufactured in Italy. For the wax and a complete line of all stone care products, please contact: Braxton-Bragg Corporation at: 1-800-575-4401. A good way to add longevity to your mosaic is to have a thin piece of glass cut to size and placed on the mosaic top just like it's done in the museums.

Stone Finishes
There are two basic types of stone finishes: polished and honed. Polished stone has a glossy surface that reflects light and emphasizes the color and marking of the stone. Traditionally, in the home, this type of stone surface is used on walls, furniture tops, and other items of designer quality, as well as floor pieces.

A honed finish stone has a satin surface with relatively little light reflection. Generally, a honed finish is preferred for floors, stair treads, thresholds and other locations where the presence of water might make a polished finish slippery, or where severe traffic would wear off the polished finish.

Composition of Natural Stone
Marble and slate are metamorphic stones. That means that they have been exposed to high temperatures, causing the minerals to go through a molten phase, creating the "bands". All marbles have calcite / or dolomite. Marble contains calcium carbonate, which reacts to acid, prohibiting the use of acid cleaners, and in general, it is softer than granite.

Granite, an igneous stone, ranges from six and higher on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. These rocks are formed from the solidification of the magma deep within the earth. Granite contains 45 to 66% silica (quartz), feldspar, mica and iron ores. Limestones and sandstones are sedimentary stones, produced from the erosion of other rocks as well as from compression and underground water erosion. They consist of calcite, but they are mixed with other materials such as magnesium carbonate (dolomite). Slate has been metamorphosed from shale and consists of clay-like material. Slate will rarely have a high polish unless it has been coated with a barrier sealer. It is best treated with a silicone penetrating impregnator.

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