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Stone Art Masterpieces

I have the blues

All the mosaic work presented here is the creation of the artist, Ed DiCamargo Milanes, who is dedicated to keeping the Italian Art of "Pietre Dure" mosaics alive, and to introducing this beautiful work to those who have never before seen "Pietre Dure."

You would be very impressed if you would come to a show site, meet the artist, touch and feel each piece of his work appreciating the richness in details, colors, sizes, shapes and other attributes of the old world craftsmanship involved in creating these functional work of art.

The mosaic work is very functional. You may use it as a floor medallion, kitchen or dining room table.

The work should never be exposed to the freezing weather. In Florida is fine to place the mosaic work in a covered lanai.

I welcome commission work.

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